Using Playwright and the WebApplicationFactory To Test Your Blazor Application

There are many posts around Playwright .NET. These cover set up and running it against hosted sites.

What I didn’t find many posts on, was running Playwright .NET using Microsofts WebApplicationFactory. Why? Because it isn’t as simple as implementing the WebApplicationFactory with Playwright .NET and hitting run.

I’ll show how you can create a CustomWebApplicationFactory that will allow you to run your Playwright .NET tests locally using the WebApplicationFactory in .NET 6.

Before getting into the post, I want to give a shout out to Martin Costello. By viewing his solution in GitHub I was able to get my solution working and to write up this post.

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Playwright for .NET

I’ve been investing time in researching different end to end testing frameworks. I have been looking for an automation framework that is reliable, fast, cross-browser, and easy to develop. 

Playwright’s relatively new testing framework caught my attention. Playwright is a Microsoft owned and developed framework for end to end testing.

While taking time to learn and understand this framework, I thought I would write a series of posts related to it. 

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